Majestic Vista of the Grand Canyon at Dusk

Once in a while we all dream of doing something special, something that is either a once in a lifetime event, or maybe just a treat to yourself if you’ve been working particularly hard or been under pressure. By something special, we don’t often mean a day trip to the beach, or a night out at a bar, but something out of the ordinary that normally you wouldn’t consider.

Amongst those extraordinary dreams could be a helicopter ride, which is certainly something you don’t do every day, (unless you just happen to be a helicopter pilot!) Add to that, traveling down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon is definitely something you don’t do all the time. So imagine a Grand Canyon helicopter tour that includes a boat ride as well – sounds like the perfect day out doesn’t it? Grand Canyon helicopter tours are becoming all the more popular these days, and for good reason. You get to experience and unforgettable day out, and at good value too.

You start your day being picked up in a luxury SUV from your hotel. Using an SUV purposely keeps the group number low, so you experience a much more personalized service than on a regular bus tour. Your guide will drive you to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas, pointing out all the interesting landmarks on the way. You’ll drive through the beautiful and visually stunning Joshua Tree National Forest as you near the Grand Canyon west rim, but before that you’ll also visit Boulder City and drive across the Hoover Dam bypass bridge, which gives a spectacular view of the Colorado.

The two and a half hour drive will seem more like twenty minutes as you marvel at the scenery of this fabulous area. Don’t forget to pack your camera, as there will be plenty of opportunities to stop and capture those special moments. A light breakfast comes with the tour that includes a muffin and orange juice, and throughout the entire tour bottled water will be on hand free of charge. This is particularly useful as it can get mighty hot in the sun out at the canyon.

On arrival as the canyon, your helicopter ride will be awaiting you. You will climb aboard for the seven minute descent that will take you 4,000 feet down into the canyon itself, and then come to a rest perched only a few hundred feet above the mighty Colorado River. Again, it’s time to get your camera out, as the views from within the canyon are magnificent, and you’ll notice that it seems to change by the minute as the angle of the sun creates new shadows rock faces.

Now that you’re in the canyon, its time to take a boat trip on the Colorado River. You’ll board a pontoon boat for a fully commentated ride on the river that will last around twenty minutes. You will learn about the canyon and how it was formed, and all the interesting geological interest points will be mentioned.

You’ll then be given yet another helicopter ride back up to Guano Point, where you can look out over the Grand Canyon south rim, for more fantastic views of the Colorado River as it meanders it’s way towards the Gulf of California. This is where you will get about three and a half hours to fully explore the area. There is a free shuttle service that will take you to Eagle Point where you can try the Grand Canyon Skywalk. This Grand Canyon glass walkway is a glass-bottomed walkway that spans out across the canyon itself. It’s not for the faint-hearted, but a truly unique experience. Some people have likened it to walking in midair 4,000 feet above the ground. As it happens, they are not far off the truth!

You can have a meal at one of the Grand Canyon restaurants, before exploring Hualapai Ranch. Here cowboys with roping skills and cattle herding will entertain you. Back at Eagle Point there is also the Indian village to explore where you can learn about native Indians and the role the Grand Canyon has played for them throughout the ages.

Finally, it’s back into the SUV for the journey back to your hotel. The SUV will take you directly back, so there will be no need for any extra transport.

Looking back at your day, you will be delighted you made the choice to take a Grand Canyon helicopter tour. The experience is unique, and something really amazing. It is particularly special if you share your day with a loved one, as you can look back and remember the wonderful day you had together. No doubt you’ll be talking about it for months and maybe many years to come.

Luxury SUV, Helicopter and Boat Tour Information

Booking Page: Click Here
Departure: From Las Vegas Hotels
Duration: About 8 Hours
Included: Travel to Grand Canyon in luxury tour trekker, helicopter flight to the Canyon, cruising down Colorado river by boat, lunch.
Optional: Skywalk

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