grand-canyon-mule rideIf you want to tour the National Grand Canyon with your children, the absolute best and one of the safest options that you have is to take a helicopter tour.

By taking a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you are providing your family with a highly memorable view of one of the most famous landmarks within the nation.

While walking along one of the trails of the Grand Canyon, riding a mule through the national park, or walking over the Grand Canyon Skywalk all provide unique views and experiences for you and your family, there is nothing quite like the unique perspective that you will experience by taking a helicopter tour.

By following the tips listed below, you are likely to have a highly enjoyable experience in touring the National Grand Canyon by helicopter with children:

  • You should ensure that you pack a snack and a drink for your child. It does not matter if you must bring along bottles for a baby, crackers for a toddler, or foods required by older children with special dietary needs, it is always important to make certain that your child has some sort of nutritional and hydration when traveling.
  • Many children may experience some degree of nausea and/or motion sickness while touring the National Grand Canyon by helicopter. You should discuss the possibility of motion sickness with your child’s doctor and determine if it is appropriate to provide your child with over-the-counter medications for the condition prior to take-off. Examples of the most popular OTC products include Bonine and Dramamine. You may also elect to bring along some salted crackers and ginger ale as both substances may be taken to soothe any stomach problems while in the air.
  • Most children actually enjoy riding a helicopter over the National Grand Canyon, but, they do not like the sound that the aircraft makes. If your child is easily startled by sounds, you should consider purchasing noise-cancelling headphones for them to wear while in the air.
  • Taking pictures of the National Grand Canyon by air is a highly enjoyable experience. Not only should you bring along your camera, but, you should bring along a camera that your child may use to take their own pictures. Not only does this distract a child who is nervous about being in the air, but, it also enhances their level of enjoyment.
  • If you have a toddler or a young child that will be embarking on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, you should consider allowing them to bring their favorite toy, doll, pillow, and/or blanket. Not only will this comfort them, but, it will allow them to feel a sense of security while in the air.

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While all of the tips outlined in this guide are very basic, they are rated as the top tips, according to parents that have firsthand experience in touring the National Grand Canyon by helicopter with their kids. If you would like to learn more about the Grand Canyon helicopter tours that are currently available, or, would like to schedule your family’s tour, click HERE.