Grand Canyon Vacation in the Fall

Thank you for rejoining us for our concluding installment of “Grand Canyon Vacation in the Fall”. Last week, we expounded on the beauty and appeal of the national park, stating that the grandeur and the overall magnificence of the Grand Canyon. Mother Nature at her best.

We covered the best places to see in the park in the fall months, accommodations within the region, and RV parks and camping areas that may be utilized while visiting the park.

This week, we will provide information on costs, dogs, and important facts pertaining to the weather in all its autumn beauty.


When taking a Grand Canyon Vacation in the fall months, you should understand that a fee will be collected, as it is a federal area. You can expect to pay – a minimum – of $25 for each vehicle. If you will be entering by foot, bike, bus, motorcycle, or train, you can expect to pay – at least – $10 per person.

The amount that you pay for entering the park covers your admission for one week. You should ensure that you keep your receipt with you – at all times. In some instances, you may discover long lines at the entrance. To avoid the time delays associated with these lines, you may prepay your fees.

This may be done at the Valle Travel Stop, which is located in Valle, Arizona. You may also prepay for your entrance fees at the IMAX Theatre that is located in Tusayan.


Bringing your dog on a Grand Canyon Vacation in the Fall


The Grand Canyon permits dogs within the park. Each dog must be on a leash at all times. These animals are not permitted on any of the trails that are identified as “inner-canyon”.

They are not allowed in the hotels unless the hotel states that it accommodates pets or lists itself as a “pet-friendly” facility.

Additionally, dogs will not be allowed in other areas around the Grand Canyon (such as restaurants and/or gift shops). The only exception to this is if the dog is designated for disabled persons.

In the South Rim, you may have dogs at the Grand Hotel and the Red Feather Rodeway. There is a kennel situated within the national park.

Dogs are permitted in the rimside trail. In the North Rim, dogs are allowed on the bridle path. This connects the lodge to the North Kaibab trail.


beautiful clouds in the grand canyon


In most instances, the weather at the Grand Canyon during the fall months is considered to be “perfect”, by most. During the day, temperatures average 70s in the South Rim region and 60s in the North Rim region. September is often a rainy month. Early winters may occur during early October – especially in the North Rim.

In the afternoons, you can expect to encounter a bit of wind. At night, the temperatures may drop quickly. It is not at all uncommon to experience temperatures in the 20s and 30s. In order to track the weather on apps, simply utilize the zip code “86023”.

There is also a weather page for the national park that outlines conditions and may provide 7 to 10 day forecasts. It is located at:

As you can see, the fall months offer the perfect opportunity to experience the beauty of the Grand Canyon. Not only do you have the capability of taking your own tour of the region, but, there are a multitude of other fun and exciting tours that you may take to explore the area.

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