The Grand Canyon and northern Arizona are beautiful places to visit any time of year. But, Grand Canyon in Winter is nearly magical. Even if you have been to the Grand Canyon during other seasons, you haven’t really seen all its beauty until you have seen it when the cliffs and buttes are iced with snow.

Grand Canyon in Winter at Sunset

The most beautiful time of day to see this spectacular view is just as the sun is setting.

The reds in the canyon seem like glowing embers, making the pure whiteness of the snow stand out even more against the sky. Bring those extra memory cards for your camera! There are some really beautiful photo opportunities this time of year.

If you want to enter this magical land for a tour, there are so many options. Some of the very best tours to see all of the beauty as you can squeeze in one trip is with a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour.  Here are some great tours to see the Grand Canyon in Winter…

Grand Canyon and Navajo Indian Reservation

Grand Canyon Navajo Indian ReservationThis tour starts in Flagstaff, Arizona and is a full day tour. You will be picked up from your hotel to begin your journey. As you head out of Flagstaff on this bus tour, you will see the San Francisco Peaks. These three mountains got their name because it is said that on a clear day, San Francisco can be seen from the top of the mountains.

At the Grand Canyon, you will have stops at the best vantage points along the South and East Rims of the canyon. When the tour heads back south toward Flagstaff, a stop will be made at the Cameron Trading Post so you will have the opportunity to buy some of the beautiful Native American jewelry and art.

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Grand Canyon South Rim from Sedona with Optional Helicopter Flight

grand canyon in winter - south rimThis day trip starts off in Sedona. Enjoy gorgeous views of the Grand Canyon while stopping at many lookout points to see the beauty of this natural wonder. A great trip for the whole family to learn about the Grand Canyon with a guided tour by one of our great guides.

Include an optional Helicopter ride for more spectacular views! Take to the skies on a 30 minute helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.

Finally, you’ll drive along the Little Colorado River with views of its starkly beautiful cliffs.

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