It’s a must-see for all travel enthusiasts; however, there are many Grand Canyon attractions that all enthusiasts should see.

The Grand Canyon is a massive region in northern Arizona that measures an amazing 277 miles lengthwise, 18 miles in terms of width, and 1 mile deep. Considered a massive chasm, its history, size, and appearance make it one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. Marked by an appealing grandeur that includes vast shades of tan, orange, and red, this immensely popular park receives nearly 5 million visitors each year. If you are ready to experience the magic and mystique of the Grand Canyon, continue reading this guide to learn about the must-see attractions that you must experience while on your adventure.

The Grand Canyon Railway

The Grand Canyon Railway combines the essence of the Wild West with the magnificence of the Grand Canyon. Your journey will start with the story associated with the origin of the railway. This transportation system has been in place since the year of 1901. As you start your journey on this exquisite train, you will come in direct contact with numerous authentic characters and a variety of musicians that pride themselves on transporting guests back to the days of the Old West. The vintage old American train will take you approximately 65 miles across the countryside. If you have an interest, Click Here to See it

Phantom Ranch

grand canyon phantom ranch cabins

Phantom Ranch is a highly remote hotel in the Grand Canyon that is only accessible by the Colorado River, by embarking on a hike, or by climbing on board a mule. Each of the cabins are composed of stone walls and provide only the simplest of accommodations. It is surrounded by captivating cottonwood trees and is in the best location for exploring River Trail and the ever-popular Ribbon Falls. If you want to explore the wild wonder and the simplistic nature of the national park,  put your trip on reserve.

Yavapai Point

Hailed as one of the absolute best and most stunning views in the South Rim region of the Grand Canyon, Yavapai Point that must be experienced by all. Here, you may observe the Colorado River, the captivating Bright Angel Canyon, and the beautiful Plateau Point. You may also explore a museum where there are multitudes of exhibits and fossils. If you have a desire to include this sight on your adventurous trip, discover many tours that are sure to be appealing.


As you can see, there are many must-see points throughout the Grand Canyon. This is – actually – a very small list of the attractions that are situated in and around the national park. Get more travel ideas, or learn about other attractions that you may want to see while visiting the Grand Canyon