Red Rock Canyon, situated just 20 miles from the ever-popular Las Vegas “Strip”, is the perfect hiking destination for fall travelers.

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This area provides visitors with amazingly awe-inspiring views and scenes that are not common near a major metropolitan area. Instead of bright artificial lights, noise, and games of chance, Red Rock Canyon offers gorgeous sunsets, the beauty of the vast desert, immense red cliffs, and an exceptional level of abundance when it comes to wildlife and plant life. The area hosts in excess of 1.2 million guests a year.

Now, it is your turn to visit Red Rock Canyon. Here, you will discover natural beauty, wonder, and Red Rock hiking at its best!
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Red Rock Canyon was formed by a variety of geological-based forces. Numerous fractured faults exist in and around the region that formed when the crust of the earth collided millions of years ago. The sand dunes were fossilized and created multiple cliffs. Many of the cliffs that abound in the canyon reach in excess of just over 3,000 feet. The colors that exist in the natural structures are made possible by iron oxide. As this substance accumulated over the years, it created the orange and crimson hues that are present today. In the Keystone Thrust Fault, visitors will discover a collaboration of limestone that is gray in color and sandstone that is red in color.

Those that elect to take a fall Red Rock hiking trip will discover a vast array of wildlife. In fact, it has been estimated that there are approximately 200 varieties of mammals within the area. These including wild horses, coyotes, golden eagles, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, rabbits, and more! While on a Red Rock hiking adventure, you are sure to observe many animals and birds. In addition to this, you will get to see many different types of plant life. If you elect to embark on a Red Rock Canyon hiking trip, there are many areas you can explore. These include the following:

  • Moenkopi Loop
  • Calico Tanks
  • White Rock – Willow Springs
  • Turtlehead Park
  • Grand Circle Loop
  • La Madre Springs
  • North Peak
  • Petroglyph Wall
  • Lost Creek
  • Bridge Mountain
  • Pine Creek Canyon
  • Oak Creek Canyon
  • South Oak Creek
  • Kraft Boulders
  • First Creek Canyon


The Hiking Tour

Red Rock Hiking Tour in Winter

There are many exciting regions to explore in Red Rock Canyon. If you are having a difficult time planning your trip, a tour could be the perfect answer.

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Here, you will get to choose from three unique trails, be provided with all of the equipment you will need for the adventure, and will be led by a guide that knows the area, inside and out. Not only will you get to explore the geological wonders, observe the wildlife, and get to see all of the plant life, you will also be provided with commentary about the region, as well as historical notations about Red Rock Canyon. Make your reservations for this amazing tour today:

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