paranormal-activity-grand-canyonWhile not verbally expressed very often, throughout history, there have been several signs of paranormal activity in and around the National Grand Canyon. The magnificence and beauty that is exhibited at the Grand Canyon make it one of the least likely locations where spirits abound; however, there have been several accounts of unexplained phenomenon, mystery, and other signs of paranormal activity in and around the region. In fact, mystery has surrounded the area since the very first of the Spanish explorers looked over the rim of the park down into the depths of the flowing Colorado River. In this guide, you will learn about the most popular accounts of signs of paranormal activity that have occurred in the National Grand Canyon.

North Rim

There have been several signs of paranormal activity in and around the North Rim of the National Grand Canyon. All activity seems to point to a spirit referred to by the locals as the “Wandering Woman”. This female apparition is said to be dressed in a white dress that is adorned with blue flowers. She has been observed frequently on the Transept Trail. At night, it is said, that she may be heard crying. No one knows or understands why she seems to be so sad; however, it is rumored that she is searching for her child and husband. Many believe her death may have originated at the Grand Canyon Lodge. According to several witnesses of the fire that happened at the lodge on September 1st in the year of 1932, her face was observed in the flames. To date, if a door is left open at the lodge, it slams abruptly. If you are visiting the National Grand Canyon, stay at the Grand Canyon Lodge or walk down the Transept Trail – you may just experience a few signs of paranormal activity yourself!

North Kaibab Trail

If you are planning to visit the National Grand Canyon and have an interest in the paranormal, you should make a point to visit the North Kaibab Trail, which is located near the popular Phantom Ranch. In February of 1922, a man by the name of Rees Griffiths was acting as a foreman of a crew responsible for blasting out a section of the area when he was crushed by a boulder. Before his death, he had expressed his wishes to be buried in the Grand Canyon once he passed away. His grave is located between Black Bridge and Phantom Ranch. You may find it situated directly across from the Pueblo Ruins. Since his death, many visitors to the National Grand Canyon have experienced signs of paranormal activity that they believe is a result of the spirit of Rees. Many have seen his ghost walking through the trails of the region and others have seen a small light hovering immediately above where he was buried. Most visitors that have seen the spirit of Rees Griffiths have observed it when camping around the North Kaibab Trail.

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