Grand Canyon Rafting

Rafting along the Colorado is one of the most exciting adventures that you can have in the Grand Canyon. Learn all about Grand Canyon Rafting, see some awesome photos and find great tours so YOU can have the experience of a lifetime.

Paddleboarding on the Colorado River

Paddleboarding on the Colorado River Stand-up paddleboarding has created a wave of popularity in the United States. This exciting activity is a unique cross between kayaking and surfing. Today, you can enjoy this activity on lakes, rivers, and even oceans throughout the United States and abroad. The... Read More >

Tubing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, OH MY!

Tubing, Wakeboarding, Waterskiing, OH MY! If you have a passion for spectacular views, the beauty of the natural world, and thoroughly enjoy water activities, you should visit Lake Mead. Hailed as the most diverse of all recreational areas within the United States, you will get to experience vibrant blue... Read More >

Summer Tour Series: Water Sports

Summer Tour Series: Water Sports The Grand Canyon is more than just a landscape of geological and historical formations that highlight the history of our planet. It is a magnificent region bursting with numerous opportunities for exploration and adventure. It’s hot in the Grand Canyon during... Read More >

Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

If you are seeking to engage in one of the single-most thrilling leisure activities and are a recreational enthusiast, you are sure to enjoy a Grand Canyon white water rafting adventure! If you have a fascination with the natural wonders situated throughout the Grand... Read More >