The Grand Canyon is so awe inspiring, there’s virtually no bad place to do it. But we know how important this moment is, so we’ll help you out with some of the very best places for a Grand Canyon proposal.

A grand canyon proposal is sure to win her heart

The  Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing geological-based landmarks throughout the entire world.  Visitors may personally observe about two billion years of natural history while visiting the Grand Canyon. And the result is incredible.

A lot of people get married or have their honeymoons here.  A marriage proposal would be no different in terms of romance… and it surely would be incredibly memorable here. We can think of is no single place in the world that holds more magic and beauty than this one.

Evidence of Grand Canyon Proposal

Evidence of Grand Canyon Proposals. ‘Love Locks’ symbolize the bond of love couples have for eachother.

If you want some amazing ideas about HOW to propose, check out the stories about Grand Canyon proposals on  Now, we’re gonna get you to the best places WHERE you can propose.

Havasu Falls

A Grand Canyon Proposal at Havasu Falls would be sure fire.

Imagine taking your significant other to a place with vibrant, red rocks and a sparkling waterfall empties into a pool of gorgeous blue waters.

Imagine a Grand Canyon proposal with a backdrop of this level of intense beauty. Surrounded by a beach of glistening gold sands and nestled amidst spectacular cottonwood trees.

Havasu Falls is one place that is sure to be remembered and cherished for a lifetime. This natural haven is located within the isolation of the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

The waters that emerge from the waterfall are considered to be sacred. If you are planning a proposal at the National Grand Canyon, there is no better place than sacred ground surrounded by immense natural beauty.

The Desert View Watchtower

Propose at the Desert View Watchtower

The Desert View Point region is an amazing area to propose at the National Grand Canyon. At an elevation of 7438 feet, this location provides a breathtaking view of the Colorado River’s bend and flow into the west.

This area is often referred to as the “tapestry of people and of time”. By visiting the area, you are following the footsteps of a multitude of people from various cultures.

While the physical location, itself, is a wonderful place to propose, the top of the Desert View Watchtower is an even more amazing place for your proposal.

Simply climb to the top of this beautiful structure and go on one knee in order to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage!

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A Helicopter Tour

Propose on a Helicopter Tour

This one is for the thrill seekers and adventurers at heart… and obviously our favorite. It’s not one particular spot, but, several spots all at once. That is, by air in a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour.

Not only will you and your honey be isolated so that the occasion may be private, but, you will be at an angle where you can both enjoy and appreciate the immense size, wonder, and absolute beauty of the National Grand Canyon. If you prefer, you may make arrangements with the pilot to stop at a particular spot so that you may make your proposal.


Not only can you get engaged at the Grand Canyon, you can repeat that special sentiment with a beautiful Grand Canyon Wedding!