Why not bypass the traditional winter adventures this year and explore beautiful geological formations, canyons, and other national wonders with the 3-Day National Parks Winter Tour of the most popular regions of the Southwest?


Imagine hopping on board a luxury jeep and traveling through Monument Valley…

Or hiking through the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, observing the amazing national park from a bird’s eye view by taking a Grand Canyon Helicopter tour, and finding yourself surrounded by the amazingly gorgeous landscapes that are within Zion National Park.

While others are observing Christmas carolers and driving through neighborhoods to see Christmas lights and decorations, you could be observing some of the most beautiful places on earth!

winter in the grand canyon

The winter months abound with a zest of energy and anticipation as many look forward to the season’s first snow, the holidays, and the traditional gift-giving and social activities that are traditionally celebrated; however, there are many that long for the adventure, exploration, and excitement that stem from being in and out in the great outdoors.

That’s where visiting the Grand Canyon in Winter gets interesting.

If you find yourself longing for a connection with nature, the ability to break free from the commercialism of the holidays, and are seeking a bit of an adventure, the 3-Day National Parks Winter Tour of the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and the Zion region that departs from Las Vegas is for you!

In addition to being escorted and guided by a Navajo native, you will get to explore uncharted territory that is often off-limits or inaccessible to guests.

grand canyon horseshoe bend

Grand Canyons beautiful Horseshoe Bend

You can experience the awesome Antelope Canyon up close and personal. It is nothing short of incredible. And let’s not forget the ever-popular Horseshoe Bend (above). As you explore these luxurious locations, you will hear highly insightful information by your guide about the area, the wildlife that abound there, as well as highlights about the plants that exist throughout the spectacular desert landscape.

grand canyon - bighorn ewe

There’s so much to this fantastic Winter Tour.

The tour initiates with an air-conditioned minibus that is designed for immense comfort while traveling through the gorgeous geologically-rich regions.

The meals and your entrance fees to all of the areas are 100% covered.

If you are searching for an intimate tour and your group includes 14 people or less, this is the tour for you!

There are numerous advantages to taking this particular tour. As mentioned previously, all of the entrance fees are included in one rate. You will receive all of the equipment that is necessary for the tour.

Your tour guide will be highly informative, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable about the region.

You will get to experience the Southwest in a raw, wild, and completely natural way.

There are multiple photography opportunities and the unique ability to create lifelong memories in a few of the most beautiful places that currently exist on our planet.

The trip lasts approximately 3 days and 2 nights and includes breakfast and lunch. Lodging accommodations are also included.

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